Something is Wrong

Something is wrong when an organization claiming to be a “Christian” organization (which shall remain unnamed) posts this on their website in an attempt to encourage evangelical voters to not just vote for John McCain, but to actually fear the future should Barack Obama be voted into office. I understand that someone may disagree with the policies of either candidate. That is every individual’s right in this country. But to fear the candidate, to spew words like “terrorist” and “kill him” at rallies, to insinuate that he is the anti-Christ and that he is a baby-killer steps over the line of civil politics. Especially when this is done by an organization claiming to be standing up for the “Christian worldview.” Its embarassing to see an organization which claims to hold to the same spiritual beliefs as I give in to such low tactics and unproven rumors regarding one candidate in order to sway voters toward another candidate. Regardless of who is elected into office next week, the next president will not bring the downfall of America as we know it. You may not agree with the stance of a candidate, but if thats the case, don’t vote for him. You shouldn’t have to strike fear into the hearts of voters in order to sway them away from a candidate; you should be able to logically explain why one candidate’s views are more in line with your worldview. Inciting fear is a low-ball attack rather than a reasoned argument, and when its all said and done, will do nothing but cause even more division among the American people as a whole. Stop being bitter and angry and fearful. Use your God-given reason to construct a valid argument for or against a candidate. And then vote how your conscience leads you. And then accept that the candidate who wins is the candidate that God wants in power. And if you honestly believe that one candidate is the prophecied anti-Christ, then you should go ahead and vote for him because in your system of beliefs, his coming into power is a sign of the return of Christ. And honestly, if he really truly is the anti-Christ, what will your vote matter? Because if he is the anti-Christ, he is going to rise to power whether you vote for him or not. I’m ready for this election cycle to be over so that we can all move on with our lives. America has survived some pretty bad presidents, I’m sure we’ll all still be here four years from now.

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