First of the Year

I’ve read a few places that the trick to maintaining and increasing your readership on a blog such as this is to post regular, consistent updates. As you can tell, I am not that good at blogging. I think my problem is that I have too many thoughts all at once and never the time or energy to pick one thought out from among them and develop it enough to the point where its something viable that can be worth reading. But one of my resolutions for the upcoming year is to write more. So unless this resolution ends up like most of mine will, I will be attempting to share more thoughts here as well as other outlets I may find available.

The holidays are finally behind us and now we’re moving into the stage of regret where everyone in America feels the weight of not only their credit card bills but also their stomachs. So the resolutions of getting out of debt and losing those extra pounds are all over, with the talking heads offering their worthless experts on how to lose those pounds and how to accomplish those resolutions even though for the past ten years you’ve never once succeeded. As for myself, I’m taking the unofficial route and keeping the ideas in the back of my head rather than on a list that stares me down and makes me feel guilty every time I read it. It makes me feel better about myself.

2009 is shaping up to be a year of a lot of changes, both on a personal level and on a larger scale. Obviously the change that we were all promised for eighteen months in the election cycle will finally have a chance to show its strength beginning this month, and whether or not you voted for him, I think just not seeing the same guy behind the camera whenever something goes wrong will be somewhat of a nice change. 

obama-and-rick-warren1Along the lines of politics, I found it somewhat tragi-comedic when the world was up in arms over Obama’s pick of Rick Warren to give the prayer at the inauguration. Liberals were ready to burn down churches because Obama was betraying their base in selecting such a radical conservative who was against gay rights, and Christians were ready to burn their copies of The Purpose Driven Life because of Warren’s embracing of the abortion-gay-loving liberal. I found the conservative Christian’s response more comedic/tragic than the left’s. Rather than rejoice at the fact that a straight Bible-preaching, God-fearing man would be offering up praise to the true God at a federally-sponsored, nationally televised event, they found it offensive that such a man would even consider such a thing. I find this the primary evidence that the conservative Christian base has lost sight of its true goal. Their politics has overshadowed their purpose. Were it any other Republican being inaugurated on the 20th, the choice of Warren to give the invocation would be appluaded and praised as a grand opportunity for the message of Christ to reach the nation. But because of two issues, two earthly, political issues, they lose sight of the true purpose and calling. Ours as followers of Christ is not to preach a political perspective; ours is to preach an eternal kingdom that far outreaches the petty politics of our man-made governments. The fact is that on January 20th, Rick Warren will offer up a prayer to God Almighty before the entire nation on what is going to be one of the most historic elections this generation will see, and whether or not Obama fits in with the conservative Christian view of government, Warren will be fulfilling his biblically-mandated duty to “fear God” and “honor the king.” The purpose driven life for the Christian is not to elect conservatives but to save sinners.

End ranting. Along the lines of personal change, my scenario with classes will be heading toward some sort of change by the end of the year. Depending on finances and programs and credits, I hopefully will find myself attending a different school come fall. Looking back I never in a thousand years would have thought I’d find myself attending Kent State after high school. And in many ways it has just been sort of a landing spot where I can refuel while I plot my next course. The classes have been interesting and some have been beneficial but overall there is a purpose that is lacking in the direction of my program there that I just can’t seem to find. We will see whether that purpose can be found on this campus or if I will have to move elsewhere to find it.

Hopefully more to come.

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