American Comedic

I saw way to many police cars this week.

A guy was yelling threats and profanity at a girl three houses down from mine on Saturday. The girl’s mom threatened to call the cops if he didn’t stop, and when he wouldn’t let up, she called them. I pulled down my street just as the two cop cars were pulling up. I don’t know what happened with the situation, but the guy ran away before they showed up.

Saturday night a man and woman left a restaurant right across the street from my church’s youth and ministry building. They were having some kind of affair with one another. They were drunk and got into an argument, the guy went to leave, and ended up running over the woman. He was so distraught that he pulled a gun out of  his car and killed himself right there. The woman died later from her injuries. You could witness all of this out of the windows in our youth room.

Last night Jess and I were driving to a friend’s house a few miles from my house. There’s this railroad bridge that crosses over the road between our houses. The underpass is just small enough that you have to hesitate before you drive through it because you aren’t sure if you’re going to hit the car coming the opposite way. Right before the underpass there’s a road that comes down a hill and makes a sharp turn before intersecting with the road I was on. Three cop cars drove past me while I was driving down the road heading toward the bridge. Right before the bridge, a car had missed the turn, jumped a solid concrete barrier, and had landed right in front of the bridge, sticking into the air at a 45 degree angle. The only way you could miss that turn is if you were speeding or drunk, or both. I have no idea what happened to the driver, but an ambulance flew past us as we kept on down the road.

Sunday night while at Jess’s house I could see the lights of several cop cars bouncing off the houses nearby. They were stopped outside a house the next street over. I don’t know what that was about.

So I’m not really sure. It just seems like there was a whole lot of violence right in my area over the weekend. I never really considered my neighborhood to be all that violent. Saturay morning my family was joking about the domestic disturbance a few houses down and about how the city cops finally had something to keep them busy. Then the shooting happened that night, the car going over the bridge the next. I’m not ignorant enough to believe that my neighborhood is safe all the time, or that crimes don’t happen here. It just seemed like the crimes that did happen weren’t that bad. Maybe a burglary or DUI or domestic disturbance. Not a murder/suicide. 



There’s a scene in Watchmen where two vigilantes, Nite Owl and The Comedian, are trying to tame riots in the streets over a police strike. Those of you who saw the movie might recall it, and those of you who have read the comic may recall when The Comedian fires into the mob to try to get them to back up, laughing and mocking as the rioters run for cover. Nite Owl, trying to come to terms with the whole situation, with how society came to such a point, where humans kill and fornicate and steal consciouslessly, says “the country’s disintegrating. What’s happened to America? What’s happened to the American dream?” And the Comedian, the twisted, brutal masked vigilante who finds the thought of death and murder comedic, replies “It came true. You’re lookin’ at it.”

One thought on “American Comedic”

  1. I’m always out of the loop… at dinner last night, my bro was like, “Hey, did you hear about those people that died outside of Panini’s on Saturday?” But of course I hadn’t heard about it yet.

    It might’ve just been a really bad weekend. :\

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