Billion-Dollar Numbness

The Senate Finance Committee just gave the go-ahead to move forward with the health care reform bill everyone has been yelling about for the past year. According to the reports, the estimated cost of the whole thing would be $829 billion, or $829,000,000,000. Lots of zeros.

Over the past few years, with all the recession talk and bailouts and what not, it seems that money is talked about, not in terms of tens or twenties, but in billions or trillions. The talking heads spout off numbers and figures about the latest billion or trillion-dollar bill. We are numb to numbers anymore.

I’ve found a new appreciation for infographics – visual depictions of facts, numbers, stats that we would otherwise look at and shrug off. In light of the $829 billion from today’s bill, I thought I would post this one here for you to enjoy. Consider where the $829 billion fits in it, and then think about the other areas in this infographic that could be dealt with if we took that $829 billion and used it for something bigger than our nation.

With $829,000,000,000 we could:

  • Feed and educate every kid on the planet for 5 years AND pay off all debts owed by African nations.
  • Shift all the worlds power sources to renewable energies AND double the amount of charity given by Americans each year
  • Complete a manned mission to Mars, save  the Amazon, feed every child in the world for a year, AND still have money left over.

Where are our priorities?


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