The Table Politics of God

“To accept the call to Christian discipleship is to accept responsibility for a situation in which many in the world have no bread on the table and to be empowered through a Spirit-created community to be that bread. To be an evangelizing church is to be more than “willing” to invite to our table the poor and the hungry who might stray by our door. It is to go out into the streets and seek those for whom the table of the Lord has been prepared. It is to alter the way we spend and store our money such that resources will be freed up for the relief of the poor. It is to make sure that our buildings, sanctuaries, and meeting houses are places that cry out welcome to the poor. Any evangelistic strategy designed to make the rich and powerful comfortable can find no home in the story of the people of God and in a world where wealth and poverty do not exist in a vacuum but are related to one another as cause and effect.”

Bryan Stone, Evangelism after Christendom

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