With Prayers for the Haitians

I’m not sure that there’s much I could say about Haiti at this point that wouldn’t be white noise in the midst of all the media coverage that is coming out of the country the past day.

I’ve been reading the reports of the damage, the tremendous loss of human life, the huge humanitarian crisis that is now left in the rubble. And I look at these images on a computer screen, just pixels arranged a certain way according to a jumbled series of zeroes and ones. And I’m not sure what to think or do. Those pixels are flesh and blood human beings, finding themselves in situations unimaginable for no apparent reason other than the ground decided to move and they happened to be in the way.

Professing to follow Christ, I am compelled to seek His goodness, His love, His mercy to find some comfort or understanding behind why this or any disaster occurs. But its hard to see His goodness when numbers like “100,000” show up followed by the word “dead.”

Pat Robertson declared this as God’s judgment upon the past sins of the Haitians. Sin abounds, and thus a holy God must punish. But a God who judges individuals with broad, sweeping strokes, bringing devastation to an entire country, with sinners yes, but also His own children?

The frequent and favored question of why God allows this stuff to happen will never be answered, and if God did decide to hold a press conference tomorrow where he explained the why to everyone, I still don’t think we would get it.

We are called to trust in God’s goodness, yes. But let us not allow that trust in His goodness to cause us to be indifferent. In that truth of His goodness, let us also take up the truth of God’s love and mercy, and not remain inactive in our observing of tragedy, but let us seek to remedy and heal and rebuild alongside those who are suffering.

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